Well Exams

What is a Well-Visit exam?

A personalized well-visit exam at Avail Health and Wellness is one of the most important preventative health measures to help you or your child over the age of five maintain optimal health. Board-certified family physician Dr. Brandy Yeary and her experienced team offer regular well-visits to their patients to provide early detection and treatment for a wide variety of common health issues, many of which may often go unnoticed. At a well-visit, we check vitals, screen for illness and disease, perform testing, give immunizations and vaccinations, discuss your medical concerns, and more. If it’s time for a well-visit, contact our Mansfield, TX office to schedule an appointment. Let Dr. Yeary and her team give you the peace of mind and prompt care you need with a well-visit today.

What are the benefits of a well-visit?

Well-visits in Mansfield, TX with Dr. Yeary at Avail Health and Wellness are essential to maintaining your health and well-being. They offer several great benefits, including:

  • Checks vitals against base measurements
  • Screens for illnesses
  • Provides early detection of health issues
  • Supports better treatment outcomes
  • Updates immunizations and vaccinations (if necessary)
  • Tracks health changes
  • Offers a chance to outline health goals
  • Allows you an opportunity to ask questions
  • Well-visits are quick and easy
  • Provides peace of mind

Who is a good candidate?

Well-visits are recommended for all individuals. Even if you or your children seem healthy, we encourage you to maintain an annual well-visit. This examination period allows us to track your health consistently over the years to know an individualized baseline for your health. In addition, you have the opportunity to run any questions or concerns by us. Overall, we encourage every one of our patients to stick with consistent well-visits at Avail Health and Wellness.

How does a well-visit work?

During a well-visit at our Mansfield, TX office, we begin by measuring your vitals which typically include blood pressure, height, weight, etc. We may ask you some questions about your current health if anything has changed, and any information we may need to update your medical records. Then we discuss preventive health measures that help improve quality and longevity of life. If necessary, Dr. Yeary may recommend testing, which can require blood, urine, or other samples to be taken. Once you’re done with this simple, easy examination procedure, you’ll be free to get right back to your daily routine.